Indosat Corporate Innovation Program – Innovation @Work

Dream it! Build it!

    Innovation @Work is a corporate training program focusing on building innovation & achivement culture as part of Indosat corporate culture program. We held multi-days events on design thinking, lean startup and storytelling to assist Indosat growing new business engine and unlock new markets & strategies to increase business performance. Events were held at multiple cities in Indonesia.

Indonesia-Australia Digital Forum 2018 – Design Sprint
    Impact Hub Jakarta in partnership with Saraswati Global iykra, facilitated a collaborative design sprint for the participants of the first IADF to develop innovative solutions across three key sectors: Smart Cities, FinTech & Startups, Digital Health, Cyber Security, Creative Industry.

MIT Solve-a-thon – Workplace of the Future

Hivos Residency Program at Impact Hub – Agriculture & Food Security