HUBba kabar?

Welcome to Impact Hub Jakarta NEWSLETTER JULY 2022! Can’t believe half a year is behind us already!  

We have so much news to share. Let’s start with our greetings… You’ll notice the phrase “HUBba kabar?”: a play on “apa kabar?”, Indonesian for “how are you?”. Our uniquely Indonesian greeting helps to communicate the warm and welcoming space of Impact Hub Jakarta.

As the pandemic gets under control around the world, economic activity and people’s mobility are coming back. We’re seeing people coming back to Impact Hub Jakarta, along with new programs and events.

Some programs, like CodeHer and Accelerate2030 concluded, while new programs and events are continuing apace, like Accelerate Regional Membership and Cartier Women’s Initiative, both kicking off in May 2022.

We launched a new event series, COMBLANGIN: Community Building & Matchmaking – the first edition focused on Waste & Recycling, a cross-sector community meet-up connecting impact-driven StartUps, Investors, the Government, and Stakeholders. 

From our Impact Community, we have excellent news to share: SAMPANGANWaste Innovation StartUp from our Accelerate2030 alumni, secured their first export to Brazil, their first ever project outside Indonesia. A major accomplishment for this 3-year old StartUp. It’s a great honor for Impact Hub Jakarta to be part of their amazing business journey. 

Expect more exciting events and programs that will bring together even more impact enthusiasts and future changemakers. And always remember to stay posted, drop us a line, or visit and work at our warm and welcoming space. 

See you at the next edition… sampai jumpa!

Happenings at the Hub
CodeHer Wraps Up!CodeHer is a training program designed to provide capacity-building with baseline knowledge, confidence, and practice in digital skills & entrepreneurship, and to support a more sustainable and inclusive digital ecosystem in Indonesia for young women and girls (15-22 years old).  

CodeHer debuted in February 2022, aiming to increase coding, UI/UX design, and digital marketing skills that are now relevant to the current and future job market. 
CodeHer partnered with Binar Academy and Generation Girl to deliver a targeted digital education program tailored specifically for women.Read more and contact us if you want to support this initiative!
COMBLANGIN - Waste IG Feed-02
COMBLANGIN - Waste IG Feed-03
COMBLANGIN - Waste IG Feed-08
COMBLANGIN: Community Building & Matchmaking Show & Tell – Waste & Recycling On 17 June 2022, we gathered Waste & Recycling Entrepreneurs to share their business journey with us, and debuted our new event, COMBLANGIN – Community Building and Matchmaking. Designed as a community mixer event to connect and spark collaborations between StartUps, Corporations, the Government, and Waste & Recycling Enthusiasts.
As a part of a global network, Impact Hub Jakarta always strives to support organizations & entrepreneurs creating sustainable positive impact. Join our community now! And get invited to our various invitation-only events and mentorship. Because change can only be done collectively
Cartier Women’s Initiative
Accelerate Regional Membership-1
The Cartier Women’s Initiative (CWI) is an annual international entrepreneurship program that is open to women-run and women-owned businesses from any country and sector that aims to have a sustainable social and/or environmental impact. Since 2006, CWI has been driving change by empowering women impact entrepreneurs, providing them with financial, social, and human capital support to grow their business and build their leadership skills. Impact Hub Jakarta was honored to co-organize Cartier Women’s Initiative Speaker Series: Creating Thriving Ecosystems for Women Entrepreneurs, on 31 May 2022 and to support high-potential candidates in their applications through dedicated coaching. Visit www.cartierwomensinitiative.com to know more.
The Accelerate Regional Membership is a curated membership designed to support impact-driven entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific. This 9-month long regional membership provides custom support to equip entrepreneurs with ongoing support to adapt to the new economy by providing members with access to resources from all over the world and access to the Impact Hub regional network to explore growth opportunities. The cohorts representing Impact Hub Jakarta:Digitalmangrove.idGreenieKarun Inovasi LestariKulinerku Kunang JewelryLivingseas AsiaOmah Sinau Gesang Creative SpacePlusTreatSayur Sleman
Updates from our Impact Community
Sampangan Indonesia exports Magic Box to Brazil!
Sampangan Indonesia, a tech company offering environmentally sustainable, zero pollution waste management that converts all kinds of unsorted waste into high value materials for organic agriculture and other industries, exported its carbonization technology (a.k.a. Their “Magic Box”) to Solubio, Brazil, for the first time, on 21 April 2022.  The “Magic Box” carbonization technology is Sampangan’s own patented technology, designed and manufactured in Indonesia. The Magic Box is expanding globally, proving that this unique and innovative technology is able to solve not just Indonesia, but global waste problems, and is proven and appreciated internationally. Solubio itself is a spin-off of Agroplan, a services company focusing on consulting, advisory and precision agriculture founded in 2007, and in mid-2012 started the MVP of what in 2016 would become Solubio. From the beginning, the project focused on bringing customers more sustainable and economical alternatives in rural activity.
AVPN Global Conference 2022
In late June, Impact Hub Jakarta team attended AVPN Global Conference 2022 in Bali. Our team was delighted to meet so many inspiring changemakers and organizations representing the entire philanthropy and impact ecosystem on the magical island of Bali, Indonesia.   Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), is Asia’s #1 social investment network and an ecosystem builder that works to increase the flow of capital towards impact in Asia, ensuring that resources are most effectively deployed. The AVPN Global Conference is the largest social investing convening in Asia that gathers funders and resource providers worldwide to share knowledge, build strategic partnerships, and address socio-economic challenges at scale. The annual flagship event breaks down silos to bridge the worlds of philanthropy and impact investing with private equity and institutional investing.
International News
Coral Reef Coworking
Impact Hub Berlin ReopensIn June 2022, Impact Hub Berlin opened its new 3,500SQM coworking space in Berlin-Neukölln to empower entrepreneurs and organizations to co-create innovative solutions for people and the planet. By supporting founders, corporate innovators, and institutional changemakers to collaborate through incubators, programs and events, the new Impact Hub Berlin raises the benchmark for the sustainability and innovation ecosystem.  The design of this new state-of-the-art coworking and makerspace raises the bar for sustainable construction principles, e.g. by reusing materials from the original warehouse, and from Impact Hub Berlin’s former space. The building is a showcase for sustainability and inclusive design, from its accessible layout, to its energy use and sustainable gastronomy outlet.
Impact Hub Retreat 2022In May 2022, Impact Hub makers from all over the world gathered in Portugal to connect and exchange information on the network’s past, present and future. We were excited that our very own Impact Hub Jakarta Co-founder, and Impact Hub Asia Pacific Lead, Stephanie Arrowsmith attended.  Other than enjoying the good weather and catching up in person for the first time after the pandemic, the +100 people representing both global and local Impact Hub teams took this priceless opportunity to reflect on the necessary steps we need to take as a community to achieve our impact goals
The #ImpactHubRetreat also served as the perfect occasion to understand how we can come together to overcome systemic global challenges, and better support each other regarding particular issues faced by different Impact Hub locations.